When Should You Immediately Seek Kids Urgent Care?

Urgent Care

Urgent Care for Children is always the primary priority for parents. Whether your child is a newborn just brought home from the hospital or a teenager struggling to get through puberty, parents are always concerned when they hear their children claim they don’t feel well. 

Children rarely develop strep throat and bronchitis, but most infections in this age group are typically viral and cannot be cured with medication. 

To help your kids feel better, get in touch with kids urgent care in Tampa, FL.


It is frightening every time one of our kids gets a fever that need urgent care. Although there are several ways to lower fever, such as Tylenol or a warm bath, some fevers remain obstinate. 

It is important to visit the urgent care facility if the fever lasts more than 24 hours without abating or if it is 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The on-site doctors and nurses might prescribe medicine or suggest other all-natural ways to reduce fever.


Because colds and the flu are so common all year long, it can be difficult to determine if a cough necessitates a trip to the doctor. However, coughs can sound very different depending on their severity. The majority of coughs are short and produce little phlegm

Some coughs, however, have a deep, guttural tone. In addition to coughing up lung mucus, vomiting can occasionally happen when the cough is quite intense. 

Taking your child to the kids’ urgent care is vital because a cough this severe, which is frequently accompanied by a sore throat, might be a symptom of bronchitis or strep.


Some skin diseases are simple to cure, especially if you know what is causing your skin to itch. Eczema, minor allergies, and insect bites are typically not hazardous and can be treated with an antihistamine or lotion.

On the other hand, skin that is raw, red, or that looks to be an unnatural color is a very different situation. 

If your child has a rash that is spreading and won’t go away, causes intense skin chafing, or changes color to frightening colors, take them to the emergency department immediately (black, blue, green, etc.). There can be an infection that requires medicine or drainage.

Wet Diapers

While we don’t usually watch our kids go to the bathroom, it’s important to watch a newborn’s diapers. Even if it may be a little gross, the number of wet diapers and the type of poopy can tell you a lot about your baby’s health. 

For instance, severe dehydration is indicated if your baby has less than six wet diapers daily. The color and consistency of your baby’s poopy diapers deserve particular attention. 

If your child’s diaper is red, black, or green, they could suffer from some conditions, including anemia and the flu.


A child who complains of having a stomachache or a terrible stomach frequently does so. Simple causes of an upset stomach include overeating, strenuous exercise, gas, or even a virus. 

Constipation, diarrhea, or persistent nausea may be symptoms of a bacterial illness or something more dangerous, including severe dehydration.


Parenting is challenging, but it might be easier if you know what to look for. If you keep an eye out for these warning signals, deciding when to bring your child to urgent care might be straightforward. If your child needs medical attention and their pediatrician is not accessible, you may contact urgent care centers for children in Tampa, FL.

Your Kids Urgent Care is the intermediary between a child’s primary care physician and the Emergency Room. When children get sick after hours or on holidays, parents shouldn’t have to decide whether to go to the Emergency Room or do nothing. Contact us for kids urgent care

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