ENT Problems: When to Seek Urgent Care For Your Kids

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Being a responsible parent means maintaining good habits to help your kids grow strong, including ensuring their ears’, noses’, and throats’ best condition. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to ensure that sometimes since their ENT will fully develop when they’re six years old. 

It can be distressing to see your kids sick because they can’t fully vocalize what they’re feeling. However, you must know when to consult your pediatrician or rush them to your nearest urgent care center. 

This article will discuss the four ENT problems your kids may encounter and some guidelines for seeking urgent care and consulting your pediatrician.

1. Common Colds 

Colds can affect your kids all year long, and this disease affects their ears, nose, and throat. It can be easily confused with the flu, COVID-19, sinus infection, or strep throat symptom. 

Home Treatment

You can give them prescribed medications if they only sneeze, sniffle, cough, and have a sore throat without fever if it only lasts for a week. 

When to Seek Urgent Care

On the other hand, rush your kids to your nearest urgent care center if they exhibit flu and COVID-19 symptoms. You should also worry if the high fever lasts 72 hours and the illness persists after ten days. Moreover, rush your kids to the local urgent care center if the phlegm has a thick or yellow discharge. 

You must consult your pediatrician if your child suffers from recurring sinus infections or common illnesses that repeatedly cause tonsillitis. 

2. Nosebleeds

Dry air and constant picking and scratching can cause nosebleeds because of the excessive irritation in the nasal passages. 

Home Treatments

You don’t need to worry much if the nosebleed results from minor trauma, colds, or allergies because it usually subsides quickly. 

When to Seek Urgent Care

Rush your kids to your nearest urgent care center if it doesn’t subside, or they have frequent and heavy nosebleeds. 

After a follow-up checkup, your pediatrician might refer you to a specialist to address the potential causes of recurring bloody noses, such as a clotting disorder. 

3. Ear Infections 

Unlike in older children or adults, ear infections are more common in smaller kids because their sinus drainage systems are underdeveloped. This state makes them more vulnerable to bacteria and causes ear infections.  

Home Treatments 

You can give them over-the-counter painkillers and warm compresses to help relieve mild discomfort. However, it’s still best to consult your pediatrician because they’re usually painful and can worsen if neglected. 

When to Seek Urgent Care

Bring your child to your nearest kids’ urgent care center if they have a fever or are in pain, the antibiotics successfully cured previous infections, and if they have one or two ear infections in a year. 

However, if your kid suffered from four or more ear infections in a year or the antibiotics didn’t help, immediately consult your pediatrician if ear tubes are a suitable option. 

4. Snoring or Noisy Breathes

Regardless if it happens in children or adults, you should consult your doctor about these conditions if it happens regularly. 

Home Treatments 

You don’t need to worry much if your child only snores when they have allergies or colds unless they display other severe symptoms. 

When to Seek Urgent Care

Your kids need urgent care if they snore or have noisy breaths, even if they’re not congested. 

Consult your pediatrician for further evaluation if the kids’ urgent care provider suspects that sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils, adenoids, chronic sinusitis, or a deviated septum causes their snoring or noisy breathing. 


Younger children are more prone to ENT infections because of their underdeveloped ears, noses, and throats. Understanding when to give home treatments or rush them to your local kids’ urgent care center will help you make the right medical choice for your little one. 

If your child needs urgent treatment for their ENT infections, bring them to Your Kids Urgent Care! We provide high-quality kids’ urgent care in Orlando, FL. We also cover St. Petersburg, Tampa, Largo, Vestavia Hills, and Oviedo. Schedule an appointment today!

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