Deciding If You Should Give Your Sick Child Emergen-C


At the first symptom of a cold in their children, many parents go for Vitamin C tablets like Emergen-C. While the thought of using Vitamin C to fight a cold is appealing, it’s not necessarily effective for children.

For adults, Emergen-C is OK, but if your child is under the age of 15, you should not give them an adult Emergen-C or a comparable vitamin.

This article will discuss why you should not give Emergen-C to children and what you can do instead.

Kids and Emergen-C

There is no proof that high quantities of Vitamin C or “immune-boosting” medicines like Emergen-C assist a youngster in curing colds. These supplements may give up to 5x the recommended Vitamin C consumption for youngsters.

A continuous appropriate intake of Vitamin C ingested before the onset of a cold (through meals or a daily multivitamin) has been found to lessen the length of a cold in youngsters by 14%.

Beginning to include Vitamin C consumption after symptoms appear does not affect the severity or duration of a cold.

Preventing Sickness

A well-balanced nutritional intake is essential for general health, and appropriate vitamin C intake supports immunological function. 

Rather than focusing on supplements such as Emergen-C for your child, aim to supply adequate Vitamin C through a well-balanced diet. Citrus foods like oranges, grapefruit, bell peppers, strawberries, kiwi, and broccoli, have high amounts of this nutrient.

Avoid Close Contact

To avoid passing on a cold virus to your children, avoid getting a cold yourself. This cold and flu season, take measures such as cleaning your hands, avoiding direct contact with people, and not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Protecting Them from Viruses

Protect your children against infections in public areas, especially if their immune systems are weakened. According to the Boston Children’s Hospital, in the post-pandemic, hybrid school environment, we might expect an increase in cold and flu cases among children. 

If your child is unwell, keep them at home so that they may relax and heal while being exposed to fewer viruses. If your child must go out, teach them excellent hygiene behaviors such as hand washing and distance.

Seek pediatric urgent care for any fever lasting over 48 hours or goes above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having a Humidifier

Dry air can irritate breathing passages further, exacerbating an already unpleasant scenario. Keeping the air wet will make breathing easier and reduce coughing.

Treating a Sick Child 

We understand how difficult it is to watch your child unwell. You’re willing to go to any length to help them feel better, and your first thought could be to take their temperature. A temperature of more than 100 degrees may indicate that they have the flu or another sickness, but anything less than that is most likely simply a cold.

Here are some ways to treat a sick child:

  • Give Them Fluids and Rest: Ensure your child drinks lots of water and gets adequate rest. Rest allows the body to digest and heal. It is also critical that your youngster consumes enough fluids. 
  • Using a Cool Compress: If the kid has a fever, using a cold compress on the chest, back, or neck may feel soothing. This can assist lower body temperature in the case of fever and alleviate general muscular and body pains. However, it should not be administered so coldly or for so long that the infant shivers. 
  • Age-Appropriate Medication: If your kid is beyond the age of six months, give them age-appropriate pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil).

If your child is still sick after a few days, it is best to seek kids’ urgent care instead.


There is no evidence that Emergen-C or similar vitamin C products positively affect your child’s health when they are sick. As always, you want to consult your doctor to decide what is most appropriate for your family.

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