Fevers: 6 Clear Signs That Your Kids Need Urgent Care


High Fevers in children can terrify moms and dads, especially first-time parents. The average body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). A fever occurs when your body temperature temporarily increases to respond to an infection. 

A rectal thermometer can accurately measure infants’ and young children’s temperature, while an oral thermometer works best for older children. This article will identify the six burning signs your kids need urgent care. 

When to Give Them Urgent Care

While most fevers in kids clear out after a few days, you must call your doctor if and when:

1. An Infant Under 3 Months Catches a Fever

While fevers are common in young children, a high temperature may only be your infant’s response to a severe illness, especially in newborns. At the same time, a low temperature in your infants can also indicate a severe illness. Contact your kid’s urgent care providers immediately if your baby’s temperature (rectally) drops below 97.7 F (36.5 C) or rises above 100.4 F (38 C).

2. They Don’t Respond to Fever Medications

Over-the-counter fever medications usually help lower your body temperature back to normal levels. However, you must rush your child to the nearest urgent care provider if they’re responding to the medications.

3. Fever Lasts for More Than 5 Days

Most fevers clear out after a few days. However, call your doctor if the fever persists after five days. You must also rush your kids to the nearest urgent care center if they have headaches, stiff necks, vomiting, or diarrhea.

4. They’re Not Staying Hydrated

Since water takes up a large percentage of our bodies, staying hydrated is crucial, especially when we’re sick. If your kids are not taking regular bathroom breaks, consult your pediatrician immediately, as they may become dangerously dehydrated.

5. You’re Concerned

As a parent, you’d only want the best for your children, and it hurts to see them sick or in pain. You can ask your pediatrician to discuss your child’s illness.

6. High Fever after Immunization

Fevers are a normal body response after immunization. It indicates their bodies are responding to the vaccines. However, if your child has a temperature above 38 C (102 F) for more than two days, consult your pediatrician immediately. 


Fevers can be terrifying for you and your child, especially if you’re a first-time parent. It occurs when your body temporarily increases its temperature to fight disease. Fevers are also normal body responses after immunization. However, a persisting fever, especially in younger children and infants, can indicate that your child is severely ill. Consult with your local urgent care center for kids for any concerns. 

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