The Blockage of Air Passage: The Basics about Epiglottitis

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Epiglottitis is a crucial condition that affects your main air passageway. Specifically, it targets your epiglottis, the flap behind your tongue which allows air to pass into your lungs. The problem arises when it swells well enough to block the air you need to breathe in. 

The said disease is mainly caused by a particular germ that tends to infect your body. Due to its nature, adults will commonly suffer from this condition. ​

Below is a list of facts you have to know about this condition:

1. Epiglottitis Is a Life-Threatening Condition.

Epiglottitis can lead to an inflammation of your epiglottis, which causes it to swell. Aside from that, there is a chance that blood clots will form on your air passageway. If this happens, you may find it hard to breathe. If this is not addressed immediately, it could be life-threatening.

2. It Is Common among Children.

Around 80% of the people diagnosed with epiglottitis are children under the age of 2. This happens because children are more susceptible to infection compared to adults.

3. It Is Also Common among Adults.

As mentioned before, adults will also suffer from epiglottitis. This happens when they suffer from sinusitis, pneumonia, or tonsillitis. They are also at risk of suffering from the disease if they are exposed to someone who has the condition.

4. It Is Not a Contagious Disease.

Since epiglottitis is not a contagious disease, you do not have to worry about spreading it to other people. You can explain that to others in order to clarify the situation, though they may still practice certain precautions, just to be sure.

5. Epiglottitis Is Treatable.

If you are diagnosed with epiglottitis, you should find out more about possible treatment options that you may pursue. You can talk to a doctor, and they will provide you with proper treatment options and recommendations. Among those treatment options include antibiotics and surgery. 

Surgery is possible if your epiglottis swells too much to the point where it blocks your airway.

6. Epiglottitis Can Be Prevented.

To prevent yourself from getting infected with epiglottitis, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enrolling yourself in a gym and maintaining a healthy diet can help you improve your overall health. Aside from that, you can maintain good hygiene to prevent yourself from getting sick and prevent other people from getting sick as well.

Treatments for Epiglottitis:

Once you are diagnosed with epiglottitis, you should find out more about the treatment options that you can pursue. Among the most common treatment options that you can try include:

1. Antibiotics.

These medications can be administered through an intravenous line that is inserted into your body. You take these medications to avoid the further spread of infection.

2. Airway Management.

Your doctor or a medical professional may push a scope down your throat to remove the excess mucus and blood clots. They can also remove the swollen epiglottis.

3. Tracheostomy.

This surgical procedure is done to your throat to create an artificial opening that leads to your windpipe. This procedure can help you breathe easier.

4. Feeding Tube.

If you cannot swallow food due to the epiglottitis condition, you may need to undergo this procedure. With the help of this, you can receive nutrition and hydration through your stomach.


Overall, if you are diagnosed with the said condition, you should seek medical assistance right away. Your doctor can provide you with a proper treatment plan to ensure your safety.

Lastly, it would be best if you took extra precautions in order to prevent yourself from getting sick. Proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent further infection from taking place. You may even take antibiotics to avoid getting infected with it.

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