What Can Be Done at Urgent Care Centers: 4 Things They Can Treat

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Kids are delicate. They are prone to illnesses and infections that not all parents are aware of. This fact makes parenting even more nerve-wracking, especially for new parents. When kids feel something unusual or get common illnesses that parents do not know how to handle, the automatic response is to visit a clinic or hospital and wait for an official diagnosis or a slot in the emergency room. The good thing is that an urgent care center for children exists for this purpose—to attend to the kids’ crucial needs as soon as possible. 

Still, not all parents know when they can use urgent care centers. Should they bring their child to centers during life-threatening emergencies? Or are there limitations in health care services offered in urgent care facilities? To give you an idea, here are some of the health concerns that will prove you can bring your child directly to an urgent care provider. 

1. Your Child Gets Cut and Starts to Bleed

Seeing your child bleed can indeed be a heart-pumping experience. What most parents would do is panic and bring them to the emergency room right away. However, if the cause of bleeding is not severe, taking your child to an urgent care center would be a better choice. 

Note that the amount of bleeding may fool you. A head wound, for example, bleeds a lot more than wounds in other parts of the body. So you might be dealing with a scenario that is not too serious but still requires urgent and proper treatment. In some cases, adequate application of compress would stop the bleeding. However, there are chances when your child might need stitches or surgical adhesives. 

2. Your Child Feels Sick While on a Trip

If you are traveling and your child starts to feel sick, the urgent care center would be the best place to visit for a quick checkup. It would be the perfect place to accommodate your child who experiences the following conditions: fever, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, or a running fever. They act on their patients faster and provide generous assistance, especially to children. 

3. Your Child Might Have Sprained Their Ankle

A broken bone is one of the nightmares you would not want your child to experience, but if they encounter a sprained ankle or hand, it is a common injury experienced by the young. 

When you bring them to the urgent care facility, the staff conducts an x-ray and checks for any broken bone. Then, they would aid the torn ligament issues immediately.

4. Your Child Has No Insurance Yet

One concern for most parents is the cost of bringing their kid to the ER, most especially for those with uninsured children. The good news is that the price of urgent care facilities is less expensive than what’s offered by the ERs. Instead of worrying about your expenses, an urgent care center would help you get the treatment your child needs first, without allowing you to break the bank. 


There is a fine line between life-threatening emergencies and illnesses or injuries that aren’t but still require prompt attention and quick treatment. An urgent care center is where you bring your kids during the latter situation. They provide you with the healthcare service you need, especially when your primary care provider’s office is closed. All the staff members have the same commitment and expertise. Therefore, you can guarantee that your child gets the immediate care they need.

If you require an urgent care service provider in New Providence, consider adding Your Kid’s Urgent Care to your emergency contact. We offer superior and convenient urgent care pediatric services to all children to ensure their health concern does not get worse than it is. Call us at 407-751-2297 to set your appointment. 

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