How to Talk to Your Child about Illness and Treatment


Having an open and honest relationship with your child is vital to building trust between you. If your child is dealing with an illness, it is best to set them aside and talk to them about seeking treatment. No matter what happens, you have to let them know that you are there for them no matter what happens.

Children deal with illnesses and treatment in different ways. No matter what coping method they have, it is important that they feel safe and comforted by you. They need to know that they are not alone as they go through it.

Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Treatment

Although it is a difficult subject to broach, talking to your kids about their illness and ways to seek treatment is important. Knowing what is happening will make everything seem less scary for your kids.

Here are some ways to talk to your child about treatment.

1. Be Honest

Complete honesty is important when communicating with your child. Helping them process concrete information will make everything easier for them to understand. In doing so, they won’t feel as nervous or as scared anymore.

Be comfortable and open about your goals and hopes for your child. Make sure they feel encouraged and motivated to keep going.

2. Be Patient with Them

There’s no guarantee that you won’t encounter any bumps in the road. When the going gets tough, always remember to be patient with your child and your family. Dealing with this condition isn’t easy for anyone. 

Your child might need some time to process and deal with their illness. You have to be patient with them if they need a little space. It is also important not to overwhelm them too much, and try to give them information bit by bit so they can take in the information better.

3. Let Them Know About Any Plans

If you have any upcoming plans for treatment, such as doctor’s appointments, let your child know beforehand. Children respond better when they know what’s going to happen. It’s important that you don’t surprise them, so they can mentally and emotionally prepare for what’s to come.

Likewise, you can help them prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor. Medical jargon intimidates even us adults. Imagine how your child must feel. Allowing them to have an open conversation will make them feel comfortable around the healthcare professionals as well.

4. Comfort Them in the Process

Throughout the process, remember to always be there for your child. Let them know that you love them and will always be there for them no matter what happens. For your child, the scariest thing about the illness is feeling like you have to go through it alone.

Having someone there to guide and protect them will ease their worries and make them feel more hopeful. 


Dealing with illness isn’t easy, especially for children, who are still growing and developing. Even though the little things, you can make them feel more comfortable about themselves and their experiences.

Talk to professionals who care about your child’s health and well-being almost as much as you do. At Your Kid’s Urgent Care, we provide exactly that: urgent care for children in New Providence, NJ. Our health care services are done with a touch of care so that your child feels safe. Consult with us today for any concerns.

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