What Is Tibial Torsion in Children: FAQs To Identify It

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Tibial torsion is the inward twisting of the shinbones, just below the knee joint. A toddler’s feet will turn inward as a result of this inward twisting. The toddler may look pigeon-toed. This inward twisting can cause mild to severe disability of the foot, ankle, knee and hip.

What are the causes and symptoms of tibial torsion? This blog post will provide the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this condition and help you identify it in children.

What is tibial torsion in children? FAQs to Identify It

1 – What causes tibial torsion in a child?

Isolated tibial torsion is a developmental orthopedic condition. It is often referred to as an idiopathic condition. Although not much is known about the causes of this condition, it is believed to develop during the growth period. It occurs in children who are 3 to 6 years old.

2 – What are the symptoms of tibial torsion in a child?

The following are the symptoms of tibial torsion in children:

  • Inward turning of the foot: The inward turning of the foot (tibial torsion) is the most prominent symptom
  • The foot twists laterally towards the outside: Inward twisting of the shin bone causes this outward twisting of the foot
  • The ankle bone sticks out: A rigid inward twisting of the shin bone can also cause an outward turning of the ankle bone
  • The child may limp slightly: All of the above symptoms may cause mild to severe disability of the foot
  • Most often, the symptoms do not produce any pain in the foot, ankle, knee or hip
  • In some cases, the ankle bone will be inflamed due to repeated twists and turns of the foot

3 – How is tibial torsion diagnosed in a child?

Tibial torsion is diagnosed through physical and radiological examinations. A physical examination of the foot, ankle, knee and hip will help to determine the severity of the condition. A radiology examination will help in confirming the diagnosis.

4 – How is tibial torsion treated in a child?

Tibial torsion is treated through surgery and physiotherapy. Surgical treatment of tibial torsion is indicated when the twisting causes discomfort and disability. Physiotherapy is important to help the child learn to walk in the right way and prevent the foot from twisting.

5 – Will tibial torsion cause any long term problems in a child?

The twisting of the foot (tibial torsion) does not cause long term problems, as the condition is corrected through surgical treatment. However, when it is left untreated, it may cause permanent disability. Physiotherapy is important to prevent the foot from twisting and is essential to facilitate quicker recovery of the patient.


Tibial torsion can cause disability that may require surgery for correction. The child may need physiotherapy to prevent the foot from twisting again and to help them recover faster after surgery. If you suspect that your child has this disorder, it is crucial that you have them officially diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis will help your child get the treatment they need to have the problem solved permanently.

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