Dealing with Symptoms of Childhood Winter Illnesses

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The immune system of a child is less developed than that of an adult, so they are more susceptible to illness. If they’re in school or child-care facilities, this means they’re spending a lot more time inside throughout the winter months. As a result, kids play closer together, making it easier for diseases to spread.

Here is a list of common winter illnesses and what you can do if your child gets them. 

1. Winter Vomiting Bug

Norovirus is the bacteria that causes the winter vomiting bug. At any season of the year, a Norovirus infection may develop. However, the term comes from the fact that it is more common in the winter.


If your child gets the winter vomiting bug, it can take one or two days before symptoms appear. They may become unwell quite suddenly and continue for two to three days. Symptoms include stomach pain, muscle aches, a fever, diarrhea, and projectile vomiting. 

Treatment: Rest and Plenty of Fluids

Children who are sick with the winter vomiting bug may usually be cared for at home. Vomiting or diarrhea might cause them to lose a lot of fluid. To avoid being dehydrated, make sure they consume enough water. Sips of clear liquids are the best. 

Additionally, let them eat bland meals like bread, spaghetti, or soup if they feel hungry.

You should discuss concerns about your child’s fluid intake or hydration with your physician. Doctors may recommend fluids, such as oral rehydration solutions. If they are suffering from pain and discomfort, you can give them liquid paracetamol.

When to Ask for Further Assistance

If your kid pees less often than usual or their pee is darker in color, they may be dehydrated. If your kid has diarrhea for more than a week, is dehydrated, has green vomit, has bloody poos, has significant belly cramps, and the fever has not stabilized, you should seek medical help. 

Inform the doctor if you suspect that your kid has the winter vomiting bug and are concerned about their health to avoid placing other patients in danger.  If your child has a preexisting medical problem or has recently visited overseas, you must also tell the doctor.

2. Cough and Colds 

Sore throats are a common symptom of a cold. Once your kid has sneezed or had a clogged or runny nose, they may begin to cough.

Speak with Your Doctor If You Have Any Questions

Most of the time, you don’t need to go to the doctor for cough and colds. However, for children with discomfort or a fever above 38 degrees Celsius, talk to the doctor whether you need to give them liquid paracetamol or ibuprofen. The doctor may recommend an over-the-counter cough treatment if your kid is above the age of six.

Coughs and colds may last anywhere from one to three weeks on average. If your kid isn’t feeling well enough to go to school, keep them at home. Wait until their eating and drinking habits and temperature have returned to normal and they feel much better.

3. The Flu

Flu symptoms include a runny nose and a cough. Keep your child at home for at least five days after they begin experiencing flu-like symptoms. 

Flu symptoms include aches, pains, tiredness, headaches, sore throat, and a temperature exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. 

When to Ask for Further Assistance

After three weeks, send your kid to the doctor if they still cough or have difficulty breathing. You should inform a doctor if your kid has asthma or any other kind of persistent respiratory problems. 


Preventing your child from being sick is the best thing you can do for them. The most straightforward approach is to ensure that they wash their hands with soap and warm water. This is particularly important before a meal. 

They should avoid sharing towels or other household objects with someone who has a cold, such as cups. Also, try not to let children touch their eyes or nose. If they’ve come into touch with a virus, this might transmit illness. 

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