Factors to Know When Picking Telemedicine Services for Your Child


If your child isn’t feeling well and you need to consult with a pediatrician, but you don’t have any way to visit their office at the moment, you may want to consider telemedicine. It’s a modern method of providing healthcare for your child without having to leave your home.

Telemedicine is a solution that uses live and interactive audio and video, along with unique diagnostic equipment to treat a patient. Besides the in-person checkups your child still needs to do with their pediatrician, you can depend on telehealth services to address their condition.

When you cannot visit a pediatrician to receive the treatment your child needs immediately, telemedicine works to provide proper healthcare and ensure your child remains in good health. But for you to depend on professional telehealth, keep reading below to find out the things to remember when picking the best provider.

Telemedicine Shouldn’t Replace Your Pediatrician

Telemedicine services indeed offer convenient and quick results, especially when your child needs urgent care near you, yet you cannot go elsewhere right now. In line with that, you shouldn’t perceive telemedicine as a replacement for your pediatrician.

In fact, your pediatrician may be in charge of telemedicine, or another specialist will look after your child’s online consultation on their behalf. No matter the case, you must keep in mind that the moment you have a free schedule and it’s time for your child’s annual visit to their doctor, you should still seek a pediatrician’s advice.

Telemedicine Specialists Must Have the Right Expertise

Watching over a child’s health is different from taking care of an adult’s because children tend to be frailer, their bodies developing slower than usual. Since they cannot be treated the same way as adults, it will be better for telemedicine providers to have the proper experience.

It means that the people performing telemedicine should have adequate training in dealing with children. That way, they know how to safely and adequately diagnose patients and accommodate every child’s medical condition. As much as possible, you should reach out to your pediatrician when you can.

Telemedicine Should Have an Adult Accompany Your Child

Whenever minor children consult with a pediatrician via telemedicine services, a trustworthy adult should accompany them. It could be a parent, caregiver, legal guardian, school nurse, or other health care provider.

But when your child becomes a young adult yet you still go with them to see their pediatrician, it may be time to leave them alone with their pediatrician or pediatric specialist. That way, they can get used to their responsibilities and learn to take their healthcare more seriously. 

Telemedicine Should Involve a Private Connection

When you opt for telehealth services to acquire children’s urgent care, you and your pediatrician should treat it the same way as an in-person consultation. It must be a private session that safeguards the welfare of your child most of all.

The connection must be secure at all times. In addition, the area where the doctor or specialist leading the call and you and your child are should be in a private location. That way, no one else will know about any information that you disclose to the doctor.


Telemedicine is the future of healthcare for people who have limited means to see their doctor or medical provider at all times. If your child requires a pediatrician or a pediatric specialist’s assistance ASAP, considering telehealth services is an excellent solution. However, you must remember that it shouldn’t replace your pediatrician, and the provider you choose must have the right expertise. When seeking telehealth services, an adult should accompany a child, and the connection must be private, the same as in-person visits. 

Are you looking for telemedicine services in Orlando, Florida, for your child? Your Kids Urgent Care is dedicated to providing immediate pediatric care services to all children in need. Get in touch with us today to book an online appointment!

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