Getting a Flu Vaccine Shot: Who Is Eligible and Who Is Not

flu vaccine shot for kid

Vaccines are one of the most powerful interventions that can serve as our defense against diseases and viruses. It triggers our immune response to recognize and fight the disease-causing organisms in our bodies. One of the most popular and effective vaccines that have been developed is the flu vaccine. Flu vaccines can reduce the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalization, and even flu-related deaths.

However, flu vaccine shots are not for everyone. There are some restrictions when it comes to age, health conditions, and other concerns. If you’re planning to have your kids vaccinated, here’s our guide to knowing who is eligible and who is not. 

Who Is Eligible to Get a Flu Vaccine Shot?

You can have your child vaccinated as early as their 6th month of age. This stage is already safe for them to receive a vaccine. However, you should consult with your doctor before getting your six-month-old child vaccinated to ensure it will be safe. This is because some kids who are at this age may still not be allowed to get a vaccine shot. 

Children with asthma or diabetes are more likely to experience severe complications if they have contracted the flu. If your child has any of these medical conditions, the flu vaccine is especially important for them and those who live with them.

If your child has an egg allergy, they are also eligible to get a flu shot. Health experts say that flu vaccines for children with severe egg allergies are safe, but the vaccine should be administered in a doctor’s office, not at a supermarket, drugstore, or other venues. 

Who Is Not Eligible to Get a Flu Shot? 

Flu vaccines for babies younger than six months are not allowed. Although their condition can be delicate if they get the flu, only children six months and older are ideal for vaccination. You can protect your below six-month-old baby by getting vaccinated yourself and the people living with your baby inside the house. This way, you can prevent your baby from having any severe complications in case they get the flu.

If your children have ever had a serious allergic reaction to a flu vaccine and have had a Guillain-Barré syndrome, consult your doctor if the flu vaccine is still recommended for them. 

When Is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot? 

October to May is considered the flu season in the U.S because these months are cold. Flu viruses and illnesses usually thrive most in the colder months of the year. That’s why getting a flu vaccine shot right before the flu season will be an ideal time. Ideally, you and your child can have it by the end of October so that your body has the time to make antibodies to protect you from the flu. However, many health care providers also give flu vaccines through May if the flu is still circulating. 


Flu vaccines will be your child’s first line of defense against respiratory illnesses. Getting the flu shot yourself will also be helpful in protecting them against the virus. Flu vaccines can provide you with protection by developing antibodies in the body. Just make sure to get the flu shots with a trusted healthcare provider. 

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