Children’s Care: 6 Effective Accident-Proof Bathroom Tips


Being a mom is a 24-hour job, especially when you want to make sure that your babies are safe at all times. Sometimes, the only way to do it is to literally watch them even until they start sleeping. 

Experienced parents know that looking after a toddler isn’t the same as taking care of a newborn, and this because it has its different set of challenges. Toddlers are more curious, and their curiosity usually leads them to get hurt because this is the stage when they can already walk on their own and grip on random objects. They are also too innocent to understand the consequences of their actions.

The most accident-prone area at home for kids is the bathroom. Every year, there are over 43,000 kids being rushed to the hospital because of bathroom-related accidents. 

But in this article, we will enumerate six effective ways to keep your bathroom safe and clean for your child’s safety:

Don’t Leave Kids in the Bathroom Alone

As much as possible, do not leave your kids unattended in the bathroom. A simple spill of water may cause your child to slip and fall on their head, especially now that they still have a poor balance. There are also a lot of things in the bathroom that they can touch and swallow. If you need to attend to other things, it is best to leave your child in a safer area, such as the living room, or put them in a stroller or walker near your working area. 

Maintain an Organized Bathroom

Keeping things out of children’s reach is one of the best safety tips to follow. As such, you should put the cleaning chemicals in an elevated cabinet with a lock and make sure that it can only be opened when it’s time for cleaning. Also, install racks where you can put soaps and toothbrushes in a place that is too high for your young ones to get. 

Put a Non-Slip Mat in the Bathroom Floor

A toddler playing hide and seek may find the bathroom a good place to hide. Whether they ran to the bathroom to hide or just to wash their hands, be extra sure with a non-slip mat placed on your bathroom floor. Kids also want more time in the bathtub sometimes, so make sure you include the tub in putting slip-proof mats. 

Install Anti-Slip Grab Bars

Speaking of the tub, you should also add an extra layer of protection by installing grip or balancing bars beside the tab, in a level that can also support your toddler. Even adults lose their balance at times, and having a grab bar is such a lifesaver! You may add a silicon knurled on the balancing bar for a non-slip grip. 

Test the Waters

Experts suggest setting your bathroom water temperature to a maximum of 120 Fahrenheit. Even with an installed temperature setter, a shower may release hotter or colder water at the first twists of the shower or faucet handle. Feel the water first before dipping your kid in the tub. 

Lock Your Faucet and Shower Handles

Sadly, children can also sustain fatal injuries from drowning in their home bathrooms. But this can be avoided by putting a lock on the faucet and shower handles. Kids find the water really fun and interesting but do not know how dangerous it can be for them without supervision. 


Having a baby requires time and commitment, but these efforts can be put to waste and replaced with guilt if something bad happens to them. Aside from following the safety tips we’ve shared above, it may also be better to learn first aid or even CPR, as it will be helpful since babies are prone to choking as well. 

If things go wrong, panic may corrupt your thoughts before knowing what to do first. In times like this, you should know who to call. Your Kid’s Urgent Care offers a calming environment to infants, children, and adolescents who need proper medical and urgent attention. If you are looking for an urgent care center in New Providence, NJ, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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