What You Should Know When Your Baby Has Constipation

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First-time parents often worry about their kids. If possible, we would put them in a bubble to prevent them from getting injured. We would pay almost anything to ensure they do not get sick because nothing is worse than our little ones being sick.

What does it mean if our babies are constipated?

You can take your baby to a children’s urgent care. However, before doing that, you should learn more about constipation. Doing so will help you have a more meaningful conversation with the pediatrician. 

What Is Constipation? 

Constipation refers to the condition when your baby is not pooping regularly. It means there is a problem with the movement of the bowel. The stool needs to be soft and quickly passed to have healthy bowels. Constipation happens when the stool is difficult to pass and infrequent.

If your baby is not pooping for several days, talk to your pediatrician in the children’s urgent care. Sometimes, your baby might have a hard poop, which is normal. However, if the condition persists, your baby will be constipated. It can cause other problems such as nausea, gas pains, abdominal cramping, and even blood in the stool.

What Are the Causes of Constipation?

Childhood constipation is a common concern of parents. If your baby is suffering from this condition, you should know the likely causes first. There are a few reasons why your baby could be constipated. 

If you are going to the children’s urgent care, you should consider your baby’s diet. The typical reason why we are constipated is the lack of fiber. It might also be the reason why your little one is constipated.

Another reason why children are constipated is that they develop a fear of their potty training. They might still be uncomfortable with the potty. It might be why they are not pooping enough. In this case, pediatricians recommend that you do not force the issue.

If you are worried about your baby’s constipation, you should talk to the pediatrician from the children’s urgent care. In most cases, he will recommend changing your baby’s diet. 

If your baby is not pooping regularly, it might result from an underlying condition. It might be why your doctor recommends a change in your baby’s diet. Meanwhile, you should take your baby to the children’s urgent care for a thorough checkup.

Pediatric Urgent Care

In many cases, constipation is nothing to worry about. However, if you are concerned about your child, you should take him to urgent pediatric care. Pediatricians can conduct a complete checkup to see if your baby has some issues.   

If your baby is constipated, he might have some underlying condition. It might be why your doctor is recommending a change in your baby’s diet. Meanwhile, you should take your baby to the children’s urgent care for a thorough checkup.


Constipation is a common thing in infants. It is not a significant concern. However, it becomes a cause for worry if your baby is constipated for several days. You should take your baby to the children’s urgent care to determine the condition’s underlying cause.

If you are already anxious about your baby, you should take him to a children’s urgent care. He will not be in better hands in Your Kids Urgent Care because we will take care of him as we care for our kids, so do not hesitate to visit us.

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