3 Summer Fun Activities Your Kids Can Do When It Rains

board games

If you live in the sunnier parts of the United States with your family, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that there’s no better place to raise a family than where you reside now. 

For your family, being exposed to a bright sun almost always means opportunities for the little ones to play outside, grow, and be healthy and active. By now, you may have also brought your kids for beach trips, camping trips, and outdoor games to help increase their love of the outside world, which is probably why they love summer! 

However, the problem is that the summertime also comes with rainy days that can prevent your little ones from stepping outside as much as they want to. Considering that showers are quite unpredictable, even the most carefully planned of days can be turned upside down. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun just because you’re having a rainy day! 

What type of summer fun can you have on a rainy day?

Having a rainy afternoon shower will undoubtedly dampen the fun that a little one can look forward to. Fortunately, having an unexpected bit of rainfall doesn’t need to cancel the day of fun for you and your kids because there are a few rainy-day activities that can be just as (if not more) enjoyable: 

Idea #1: Play board games

While activities outside may go a long way towards strengthening your little ones’ bodies, it also pays to exercise their minds outside of school, especially during rainy days where they have to stay inside.

If you have board games like chess, checkers, Monopoly, Operation, Snakes and Ladders, or Scrabble, you should take this time to enjoy them indoors. The great thing about board games is that you can have so much fun with them to the point where you won’t realize that a few hours have already passed by, and your kids might still want to play more! 

Idea #2: Have an indoor treasure hunt

If your kiddo is a bit restless because they can’t go outside and play, they’ll surely want to move around and use their bodies. Fortunately, having fun indoors and being active doesn’t have to be such an impossible idea because this is where having an indoor treasure hunt can cull some pent-up restlessness. 

Generally, home-based treasure hunts can be done by hiding common items in secret places and making a list for your child to check them off along the way. You can even up the ante by incorporating clues, prizes, and obstacles. Just like board games, this activity will ensure that there’s enough fun to go around for everyone involved! 

Idea #3: Take a trip to the doctor’s office

During times like these, where your little one can’t play outdoors, it’s important to recognize that you have a good opportunity to take them to the doctor’s office.

While it may not necessarily seem like the textbook version of enjoyment, visiting your local clinic can make for some indoor fun because it will allow them to get up to date on their health while learning new things. For instance, paying a visit to Your Kids Urgent Care is a great idea because we offer everything from shots and consultations while your child can play with the toys we have in our clinics! 


Although living in the south has helped your little ones immensely by making for the perfect conditions to play around and enjoy some summer fun, having a bit of rain come down from time to time can make things difficult. Fortunately, following the three activity ideas mentioned above will allow you to make do once rainfall appears so that you can keep your little one preoccupied!

Your Kids Urgent Care offers the best pediatric urgent care in Providence, serving your child’s needs whenever they come in for their regular health checks. Get in touch with us today to save your spot!

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