How to Make Bath Time Safer For Your Kids

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Bath time is a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their kids. Although some children hate being in water with a passion, bath time is still a necessary part of their everyday lives. There’s no denying that parents should treat bath time as a responsibility while making sure their children are safe and are having fun.

Parents with small children have to supervise them around the clock, which can understandably be rather exhausting. It’s easy to think that your child will be fine in the bath as you dash to grab a soap refill. However, one seemingly small action can be devastating. Small children must always be supervised by water—a word of caution reinforced by the fact that 78% of American bathtub drowning fatalities occur in children five years old and younger

If you are a parent, this case should serve as your warning that accidents can happen when your child is taking a bath. This guide should help you take precautionary measures to avoid having your child getting into accidents. 

Always Keep a Close Eye On Your Child

By far, careful attention is the most effective way to keep your child safe during bath time because you can provide supervision with what they are doing. If you need to step away for any reason, take your child with you. An accident can occur in a split second, so don’t take that chance and always keep a careful eye on your little one. 

Being a parent can be challenging since there are times that you have to juggle tasks all at the same time. Stop doing this while your child is in the bath. Leave distractions outside the bathroom—including tablets, cellphones, magazines, and books—and focus on what your child is doing. It is not enough to be physically present; your mental alertness should also work while you are with them. 

Eliminate Slipping Hazards

Statistics show that the bathroom is the most dangerous place inside the home. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people end up in the emergency rooms every year due to an injury suffered in the bathroom. Slip-and-fall accidents are particularly dangerous, potentially resulting in head injuries and other major repercussions. 

If it is dangerous for adults, it is much more dangerous for children. As a parent, you should take precautionary measures to avoid slipping accidents. Measures that you can include installing anti-slip strips in the tub, securing bathroom rugs, and cleaning up any wet spots on the bathroom floor. Always make sure that your child is sitting while in the tub, and provide them a helping hand with sturdy feet to avoid any injuries from slipping. 

Choose Child-Friendly Bath Toys

Many parents try to get their kids excited about bath time by investing in some bath toys. Your job as a parent is to make sure that there are no hazardous chemicals or choking hazards with their toys. Start with checking the age guidelines on the toy’s packaging. Then, inspect it for any damage or missing parts that may cause them harm. If you want to be 100% sure, there are small-part testers (or “choke tubes”) available in the market according to your child’s age which will help you check if any toy components could potentially go down your child’s throat.  


Make bath time an enjoyable experience for your child, and focus on the safety and bonding you both can make. Regardless of how you can make it safe, there will be no questions about your parenting style as long as you provide close supervision. While you may have a lot on your plate, the truth is kids must be on top of your priority—and their safety is the best gift you can give to them and yourself. 

Should your child experience any injury from bath time and you need an immediate pediatric consult, visit us at Your Kid’s Urgent Care. We provide children’s urgent care services that are superior and convenient to any child brought to our doors. Our facilities ensure that your child is in a calm and soothing environment while we address any concerns! Consult with us today! 

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