How to Enjoy a Safer Summer with the Kids

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Kids have always associated summer with trips to the beach and other fun outdoor activities. However, as a parent or guardian, you must remember that safety is of utmost importance especially when you’re spending time outside of your home.

Your Kid’s Urgent Care shares some helpful tips to ensure your family’s safety during this hot season:

Be Aware of Heat-Related Health Problems

Infants and kids below the age of four are at a higher risk of getting heat-related illnesses, but that doesn’t mean older kids can’t have them, especially when it’s extremely hot. Prevention is key when it comes to beating heat-related illnesses. That means checking the weather prior to going out and scheduling all your outdoor activities to ensure that your children will not be exposed to scorching heat. Never leave your kids in a parked vehicle and ensure that they are dressed in lightweight and loose clothes during summer.

Hydrate All Day

This can’t be stressed enough. You need to make sure that everyone in the family is constantly hydrating but more so during summer. Kids should drink one 8oz cup of water every year of life until they reach the age of eight. That means your five-year-old kid should drink five 8oz cups of water per day or a total of 40oz in 24 hours. Once they reach the age of eight, they should aim for eight cups of water per day.

Apply Sunscreen

Don’t forget to lather a good sunscreen product on your child’s skin before taking them out. It’s not just done when you’re at the beach. Even a short walk to the park when it’s hot can cause damage to the skin. Choose products that are at least SPF30. Also, ensure that they wear protective clothing and hats or use umbrellas to block the sun’s harmful rays.

Keep Them Safe in the Water

Whether your kids have taken swimming lessons or not, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe when you’re out swimming. There should always be an adult watching them when they’re in the pool or the ocean. Don’t just rely on lifeguards. That said, it’s highly recommended to enroll your kids in swimming lessons, so you know they’re equipped with the necessary skills to be safe in the water.

Ensure Your Lawn and Yard Are Safe

Safety should be a priority not only when you’re on a trip but also when you’re home. Due to the pandemic, many families choose to spend their summers at home. That doesn’t mean you should be lenient when it comes to kids’ safety. If they’re going to play out in your yard, then ensure that your lawn is free from pesticides or herbicides for at least 48 hours before kids run around on it. Also, make sure that there are no tools or chemicals lying around that the little ones can get their hands on.

Keep Them Safe from Pests

Summer is also the time when mosquitoes and ticks thrive. You don’t want to get your kids bitten by these pests, so make sure that you apply an effective insect-repellent product that’s safe to use for children.


Whether you’ll stay home or you’ll go on a summer trip, your children’s safety should be at the top of your list of priorities. By following the tips above, you can minimize the risk of your kids getting summer-related health problems. If for some reason your child gets sick and needs to be seen by a medical professional, but you don’t want to rush them to the ER, get urgent care for kids immediately

Your Kid’s Urgent Care provides superior pediatric care services. We can provide health care for your child even during holidays or after hours. Contact us to know more about urgent care for kids!

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