For Parents: What to Expect If Your Child Is Allergy Tested

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As a parent, it’s your job to ensure that your child is free from harm or disease. For this reason, many parents go above and beyond to ensure that their children are well-protected at all times. However, a parent can only do so much because a child may have allergies they may not be aware of.

The only way to know if a child has an allergy is through allergy testing. The allergy testing process is relatively simple, but it must be done by a qualified professional. Furthermore, allergies can be multiple, so it can be challenging to be aware of all your child’s allergies. Regardless, parents should know what to expect when allergy testing, which we’ll discuss in this article, read on below to get started.

Blood Test

A blood test is a common technique to test for allergies, and it can be compared to a blood test for diabetes. The blood test is painless, and it requires drawing a small amount of blood. The blood is then tested to determine if the patient has allergies.

The blood test is convenient because it requires minimal time and is done in a controlled environment. Many patients can get the blood test done between their regular visits to their doctor, so the process can be quick and painless. Furthermore, it’s more accurate because a blood sample is a better indicator of allergies than a saliva sample.

Patch Test

Patch testing is done to find out if a child has skin allergies. It involves a small sample of the substance in question applied to the skin, where it stays for 24 hours. The test is then measured by how the body reacts to the substance.

For example, an allergic reaction to the substance would show a rash or hives, which can be very painful and itchy. However, there are some drawbacks to the patch test. The test can be painful, especially if the substance is highly concentrated. Additionally, it’s considerably inconvenient because it requires that the patient stays in a controlled environment for 24 hours.

Skin Prick Test

A tiny drop of an allergen will be placed on the skin in a skin prick test. It will be pricked with a needle so that some of it can enter the skin. If your child reacts negatively to the allergen, a swollen red bump will form with a ring around it. This test is often considered the best allergy test because it can test for multiple allergies simultaneously. However, it doesn’t tell you the allergen levels, which makes it difficult to estimate the sensitivity.

Food Challenge Test

For food allergies, the food challenge test is the primary allergy testing method because it involves eating food that might potentially cause an allergic reaction. The test is often done with food additives such as corn, milk, and eggs. The process requires a child to eat them in increasing amounts and monitor their body’s reaction. If your child has an allergy to the food, they will experience symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, and nausea.

Elimination Diet

Like the food challenge test, the elimination diet is also for diagnosing food-related allergies. You must remove the food in question from your child’s diet for a few weeks. After a couple of weeks, you should introduce the food back into the diet. If your child experiences an adverse reaction, they have allergies to the food in question.

Intradermal Test

This test requires a tiny amount of the allergen to be injected under the skin. If the substance causes a reaction, your child will experience itching and swelling. The intradermal test is a favored method for diagnosing allergies in children because it’s highly efficient and can test multiple substances at once.


Allergy testing is a must if your child has allergies because it may help you save your child from an allergic reaction that might cause serious harm. However, you should be aware that the results of these tests can be challenging to interpret due to the subjective nature of symptoms. Regardless, you should never brush it off because children’s allergies can be fatal.

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