Red Flags That Indicate Your Child May Have a Lazy Eye


Also known as Amblyopia, lazy eye refers to the condition of having an impaired vision caused by an abnormal visual development early in life. This specific condition does not really have any preference when it comes to the person it would afflict; that is why even children may have an offset of it.

That said, you may be wondering about the symptoms of lazy eye amongst children. If you want to ensure that your kid does not have it, look no further than the following signs below.

1. One Eye is Shifting

If you look closely, you will see that there is a difference when it comes to the place where a single eye is looking. Using one eye, the child may look at one side; meanwhile, the other may focus on the left part of the face.

This is because these eyes may not be seeing the same thing.

It is not a problem when this happens only once in a while, but if you observe it more often, it may be a sign of lazy eye.

2. One Eye is Looking Down

Another symptom that could indicate a lazy eye is the inability of your child to look up to see things or faces. For example, when you talk to your kid and suddenly realize that the eye is turned down.

3. One Eye is Not Moving Together

One eye is not moving together with the other may also be an indication that your kid might have a lazy eye. In this case, when you look at your kid’s face, you will see that one of his eyes doesn’t move at all.

The reason, as stated above, is that the two eyes are not seeing the same thing.

4. One Side is Blurred

If you look closely, you will notice that your child may be unable to see clearly on one side. Or the right eye is looking much more clearly than the left one.

This is because the eye is not focused on the same view.

5. The Pink Eye

If one of your kid’s eyes suddenly becomes pink, then it may be a sign that the eye’s tear duct is clogged.

This is because when the eyes are not blinking well, a lot of moisture will accumulate underneath. This could also be a symptom of a lazy eye if you start to observe other symptoms.

6. The Eye Rubbing

One of the common signs of lazy eye is eye rubbing. This is because the affected kid may feel uncomfortable with their eyes not focusing on the right place.

This may lead to tearing, irritation, and watery eyes.

7. A Squinting Eye

To clarify, a squinting eye is not a direct sign of lazy eye. This is because it is a condition that affects the muscle that is responsible for opening and closing the eye.

However, if your kid is born with it, then you may probably want to have it checked immediately.


Now that you know the symptoms of lazy eye in children, you should be vigilant in carrying out your own observations.

Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you think that your kid may have a lazy eye. They will know the proper approach and remedy to such a condition, especially when it starts to appear on your child.

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