Pediatric Telemedicine: Is It a Good Option for My Child?

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With all the technological innovations that have been made to the medical industry, one specific advancement has made doctor’s consults easier and more convenient. We are talking about telemedicine video calls. If you have a child with an urgent health concern, there are many advantages to using a video telemedicine consultation. 

If you are not fully aware of what this medical innovation can do but are interested in finding out, this blog post is for you! Here you will learn about telemedicine, what conditions it may be helpful for, and when to bring your child in for a physical examination and face-to-face consultation. 

Pediatric Telemedicine: Is It a Good Option for My Child?

Telemedicine, in a nutshell, is a way to talk with your child’s clinical team via a video call without having to leave the confines of your home. Many parents wonder if using telemedicine is the answer they are looking for. On days when it may be a little challenging to get out of your home, or if the medical issue is not too pressing, telemedicine may offer a convenient solution. 

Benefits of Telemedicine Calls

Here are the top advantages that telemedicine can offer patients who want to consult their physicians remotely.

1 – Convenience

If it is not already apparent, the top benefit that telemedicine offers is convenience. If you need to ask for medical advice from a doctor, you will be able to do it without leaving your home, getting stuck in traffic, or missing essential activities.

2 – Minimizing Exposure

Sick children who will risk contamination to others will do well to stay at home and have a telemedicine consultation with their doctor. This will have them get a proper diagnosis and learn about treatment options without putting others at risk. 

3 – Parents Not Needing to Miss Work

Parents will not need to take a day off to bring their child to the doctor’s office because of this remote technology. 

When Telemedicine May Be a Good Choice

If you are torn between using this new technology or not, here are a few choice scenarios when it may be best for you to use telemedicine and distance consultations.

1 – Infectious Diseases

If you suspect that your child is suddering from an infectious yet managable disease, reaching out to their doctor from home may be a good idea. 

2 – Allergies

Should your child be having an allergic reaction, first administer first aid and ensure that your child is able to breathe before contacting your physician. 

3 – General Questions or Concerns

Any general health inquiries that are non-life-threatening and do not warrant urgent care may be handled via video telemedicine calls. 

4 – Follow-Up Consultations

If you need to get in touch with your child’s doctor as a follow-up to an earlier appointment, telemedicine will be a convenient way to do so. 


Because children are incredibly active, they find themselves vulnerable to all sorts of medical concerns. Most of the time, these issues are non-life-threatening, and telemedicine consults will be extremely helpful in determining if the child will need to have a face-to-face consultation to help with their condition. However, if you suspect that your child will benefit from seeing a medical professional sooner rather than later, it is best that you bring them to the nearest urgent care center to receive treatment. 

If you want to get help for your child’s medical condition, Your Kids Urgent Care has you covered! We serve as the intermediary between a child’s primary care physician and the Emergency Room. When children get sick after-hours or on holidays, parents shouldn’t have to make the troublesome decision of either going to the Emergency Room or doing nothing. Get quick telemedicine in Orlando by calling us!

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