Navigating The Nasty Stomach Bug

Girl grabbing Stomach

Kids have headed back to school, and we’ve heard a pesky stomach bug is going around. Let’s make sure you know how to manage the symptoms, should you or your child contract this nasty virus!

This virus is highly contagious, so if you hear of cases at your child’s school or in your area, it’s time to be vigilant. Make sure to actively wash hands, and keep counter surfaces and other common areas disinfected. These simple steps are your best defense against the stomach bug. 

Symptoms of a stomach bug generally begin to show 24-48 hours after exposure to the virus.  Typical symptoms begin with nausea, muscle aches, stomach cramps and fever. Unfortunately, they progress to diarrhea and vomiting. You can expect symptoms to last a couple of days. Make sure to seek medical attention if they persist or continue to worsen, to rule out serious complications or other illnesses. 

Dehydration can occur quickly when dealing with a stomach virus, so try to drink two-to-four ounces of clear liquids, like Pedialyte or Gatorade, ever thirty – sixty minutes. As symptoms begin to ease, slowly start reintroducing bland foods, such as plain toast or saltine crackers. Avoid anything sugary, such as fruit juice or soda, as these kinds of drinks do not replace lost electrolytes. Please refer to our blog on dehydration for more information on symptoms and treatment:

As always, Your Kid’s Urgent Care is ready to provide excellent care with compassion for your child. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have about symptoms or treatment of a stomach bug! 


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