A Safe Lunch is a Fun Lunch


What’s lurking in your child’s lunchbox? Time and temperature can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in your child’s lunchbox or help keep their goodies fresh and ready to eat. Last week we talked about fighting back against germs inhabiting some of the most popular places in school, like the water fountain, but is their lunch box safe?

Just as much care as you have for your child’s overall safety going to school, you have that same care for whether what they consume is helping or hurting them. The healthy veggies, yummy sandwiches or last’s night pasta you regularly pack, which they love so much, have to be kept in a way that makes it safe for them to still eat by the time their lunchtime comes. And lunch can be late in the school day, especially for your older ones. Keep food safe by:

1.      Using an insulated lunch box

2.    Packing at least 2 freezer packs or freezing their juice boxes

3.    Keeping hot food hot – foods like soup should be kept in a thermos; place boiling water in the thermos, let stand for a few minutes then empty, pour in piping hot food

4.     Throw out half eaten food

5.      Avoid reusing things like Ziploc bags

6.      Place hand sanitizer in a side pocket of the lunch box

There are several ways your child can come across exposure to unhealthy germs or bacteria. The great news is you have the power to cut the risk and teach them how to keep themselves healthy as they grow older. Keep lunch time fun by making sure those delicious foods stay safe with these simple tips.




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