Managing Your Child’s Asthma: Need-to-Know Tips for Parents

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Your child’s asthma can strike at any time and place. A number of different causes can trigger their medical condition. Whether by a viral infection or allergens floating around in the air, dealing with a child suffering from an asthma attack is never a pleasant situation. 

Even if you have witnessed your child’s asthma attack a dozen or more times before, the sight of seeing your child struggling to breathe and having a coughing fit will frighten anyone around. This is why parents and guardians need to be vigilant, observant and have a foolproof plan in place in case of an attack. This blog post will shed some light on valuable tips to help you manage your child’s asthma. 

Managing Your Child’s Asthma: Need-To-Know Tips for Parents

Since asthma can strike even when parents and guardians least expect it, it is essential to be ready for attacks at all times. Here are the most effective tips to help your child during an asthma attack. 

1 – Be Observant

A parent who has a child with asthma may already be aware of their child’s symptoms when they have an attack. After the attack, speaking to a healthcare professional pays to note critical details about what happened to the child during the asthma episode.

2 – Keep an Eye Out for Triggers

Children with asthma will usually have the same triggers that bring about attacks. However, they may develop sensitivity to new stimuli, which is why it is vital that parents keep a watchful eye for any possible triggers that may set off an unexpected asthma attack.

3 – Get the Right Tests

Pulmonary lung function tests and asthma control tests are the most common tests that need to be done after an attack. Knowing about these tests and having them done on your child will help them recover sooner. 

4 – Have their Emergency Medicine Near

It goes without saying that you should always have a ready stock of their required asthma medication near you at all times. Even when you go out or travel, always make sure that you have their medication within reach. This will help you administer quick treatment and help them get out of the attack as soon as possible, whether you are at home or outside. 

5 – Get Them to Urgent Care, If Needed

Take your child to urgent care if you think they will benefit from additional treatment after what you administered to them. Urgent care health professionals will be able to assess your child and ensure that they are in no danger of having another attack before they allow you to go home. Taking them to urgent care or at least having the contact number for your local urgent care center on hand will help you get in touch with them if the need arises. 


A parent of a child who has asthma should be ready for anything. Remember that in emergency situations, keeping a level head is everything. Even if the situation is frightening, staying calm and knowing what to do is the key to keeping your child safe.

If you need to have your child checked after an asthma attack, bring them to us! Your Kid’s Urgent Care offers superior and convenient urgent care pediatric services to all children who enter our offices. Get reliable telemedicine in Orlando, FL today!

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