Kids Urgent Care: 3 Things You Must to Do after a Nasty Fall


Children can slip for a variety of reasons. Falls happen, from toddlers learning to walk to teenagers falling while enjoying sports. However, what if your newborn or child falls from a great height, hits their head, receives scratches and cuts, or is in pain due to the fall?

Falls are the main cause of emergency room visits among children of all ages, particularly infants and toddlers. What specific injuries or symptoms should you check for, and when should you take your child to the ER?

Read on whether you have a baby or a teen and want to know what to do if your child falls:

1. Do an Initial Evaluation

So, follow your child’s lead. If your kid falls down while running but immediately gets back up and goes away, they’re probably alright. However, if your child is sobbing, isn’t getting back up after a fall, or appears to be in pain, it’s time for an assessment.

For starters, being cool throughout the process can assist in quieting your child’s concerns and focus you so you can assess any damage.

After soothing your child calmly, inquire where it hurts, especially if you didn’t observe the fall, so you know where the point of impact was. 

Examine for any wounds or scrapes. Bruises may be present, though they frequently develop later. A lump, particularly on the forehead, may form if your child has banged their head. In most circumstances, there is no reason to be concerned.

Check for symptoms of bleeding as well as uncomfortable or difficult breathing. A fall can frequently damage more than one part of the body. 

Minor falls are likely to result in minor injuries such as scrapes, scratches, and bumps in a couple of places. Still, more serious falls may result in head, neck, back, spinal injuries, deep cuts, or shattered bones.

2. Provide Basic First Aid

You must know how to provide basic first aid care, especially if you have children. 

Using an ice pack on a child’s scrapes and bruises is a great way to reduce pain and swelling. Use a towel or other absorbent fabric to separate your child’s skin from the ice pack, instead of placing the pack directly on the skin.

Scratches and cuts after a fall can be treated by washing the area with cool or warm water to eliminate dirt and debris, then apply a bandage.

If there is bleeding, place a clean towel or bandage immediately over the wound for five to ten minutes. However, if there are signs of discomfort or difficulty breathing, go to a pediatric emergency center at once.

3. Seek Medical Attention for Serious Symptoms

For extreme lethargy or cannot get up after sleeping, multiple episodes of vomiting, or other neurologic abnormalities (such as slurred speech, weakness on one side of the body, or seizures), you may have to bring your child to urgent care right away.

Moreover, If your child is having difficulty walking due to a direct injury to a leg, ankle, or foot, they may have suffered a sprain or a broken bone. An x-ray is frequently required to diagnose what is wrong. 

Finally, if you see a laceration or bleeding that wouldn’t stop after about 10 to 15 minutes, bring your child to urgent care as soon as possible.


If other symptoms beyond the ordinary follow a fall, get peace of mind by taking your child to urgent care. With a visit to urgent care, you will know if the symptom you are seeing can be treated in urgent care or if you need to go to the ER  immediately. 

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