Halloween Detox


Although Halloween maybe a memory of the past, your kids may still have remnants of candy hanging around or have just come out of a sugar coma. Considering, a small detox could be a wonderful idea. So how do you get everyone on board? Try these ideas.


Kids often follow what they see. Consuming and favoring healthy foods are a great way for your kids to experience the joys of eating healthy. They are more inclined to at least try different foods by seeing your positive reaction.


Juicing is a common way to detox. Throwing apple, carrot or pineapple into the mix makes flavorful juices. Here are a few ingredients with a big impact.

Beets – good for the liver and cleaning the blood

Cilantro – naturally eliminates heavy metals

Ginger – helps fight unwanted organisms and reduce pain

Tumeric – combats inflammation

Lemon – detoxes liver, provides enzymes that as helpful with digestion

Guard the Gut

Since the majority of the immune system is in the gut promoting healthy gut flora supports immune health which in turn provides defense against toxins that are consistently trying to infiltrate our systems. Eating diverse food, raw and fermented foods as well as those with polyphenols (e.g. grape skin, dark chocolate, blueberries) and prebotics, which encourage growth of beneficial microbes in the gut, are all ways to build up the gut.

There are more ways to detox the body but these can get the ball rolling. Knock out post Halloween fatigue and get a fresh start.


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