What Should Parents Do If Their Kid Gets Hurt by a Dog?

child and dog

As parents, the last thing we wish to happen to our kids is for them to get hurt. However, there are instances where accidents happen, and there’s nothing more to do than accept the occurrence and learn from it—one of which is when our man’s best friend hurts them by accident.

Although considered ideal pets even for kids, dogs may experience weariness from time to time. As a result, they become too active and may hurt whoever comes close to them. But kids are unaware of that trait, and they may approach dogs without understanding that their actions may harm them. But in case of accidents, what should parents do if their kids get hurt by a dog?

1. Check the Severity of the Injury

Knowing the severity of the wound will help parents decide whether they should immediately rush their kids to the nearest medical facility. In some instances, a dog bite wound may need immediate medical attention. It’s best to err on the side of caution and get to the hospital for treatment.

Suppose your child signs that the wound is worsening and there’s an infection or swelling, immediately seek medical attention. Blisters, drainage, pus, and redness are signs that an injury may need immediate treatment.

2. Call 911

There are instances where parents may think that the dog bite wound is neutral and maybe it doesn’t need to go to the hospital. But if there’s swelling or severe bleeding, it’s best to call 911 as a precautionary measure. If your child is experiencing profuse bleeding that doesn’t seem to stop right away, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention. But if the wound is not severe, you can treat it at home.

3. Identify the Dog Owner

The law binds dog owners to pay medical bills if their dogs hurt other people’s kids. If you’re not the dog owner, you have to identify the dog owner to shoulder the responsibility of paying for the medical expenses.

Dog bite claims are common reasons why medical malpractice cases arise. Many parents don’t know how to ask for compensation if their kids get hurt by a dog.

4. Document All Injuries

When your child gets hurt by a dog, it’s best to document all injuries. Make sure that you take pictures of the wound and make an effort to record any symptoms of the damage, too.

Make sure that you make a note of how severe the injury is. It will be easier to ask for the medical expenses and damages by documenting the injury.

5. Keep All Files Related to the Injuries

It’s best to keep all files related to the accident. You must retain all doctors’ reports and documentation to prove that the dog attack was not an accident. If it turns out that the owner did not make an effort to pay for your family’s medical expenses, you may turn to the court for compensation as well as property damages.

You also have to keep all receipts to prove that you spent money on treating your child’s dog bite wound. It’s best to present all documents related to this issue so you can prove that you have no fault on it.


Even if we know that our kids love dogs, we should always make an effort to understand how kids and dogs interact. By understanding how kids behave around dogs, we can ensure that our kids will never get hurt.

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