Dealing with Children and Various Health Emergencies


Kids are naturally fidgety and active. No matter how hard you try, they won’t stay in one place. For this reason, it’s essential to leave them be because they can discover many things. However, it’s also necessary to keep an eye on them so that they won’t be in danger of being hurt.

Some kids easily brush off being hurt while playing, but others can’t. Aside from being physically hurt, they can also get sick. You need to take care of your kids at home. If home remedies aren’t an option, you can take them to the nearest healthcare center. 

It can be pretty confusing for some parents, however, because they have two options: urgent care and a hospital’s emergency room.

Where exactly should you go if your child is experiencing a health emergency? This article will help you in this matter. Read on below to learn more.

A Bump on the Head

Bumps on the head can cause bruises or cuts on the scalp. While terrifying, they’re usually nothing to worry about. However, it can be hard to tell on the spot if your child has a concussion or an underlying injury that has to be checked immediately. 

If your child experiences vomiting or ongoing pain after hitting their head, go to the ER as soon as possible.

Coughs That Won’t Go Away

Urgent care facilities should be able to handle your child’s persistent cough. They can also schedule follow-up appointments for further monitoring.

If you’re thinking of bringing your child to an ER because of a cough, you shouldn’t do it. Aside from the costs, your child may also be potentially exposed to other diseases.

Swallowing Something They Shouldn’t

A child swallowing something they shouldn’t is a nightmare for any parent. If your child swallowed something they shouldn’t, it should go out the next time they poop. That still depends on the size of what they swallowed, however.

Urgent care works best in this situation because they can schedule x-rays and further follow-up appointments.

Something Stuck In Their Ear

If your child sticks something in their ear, get them to the ER as soon as possible. If left in there, it can cause pain, infection, and, worst-case scenario, hearing loss.

If the object isn’t visible, then chances are it’s already deep in your child’s ear. Healthcare workers in an emergency room can handle these cases. While you’re at it, it also helps to inspect your child’s nostrils if ever this happens.

Cuts and Broken Bones

If your child has cuts and broken bones, it’s recommended that you bring them to an emergency room. If it’s a minor cut, you can simply go to urgent care.

An emergency room is equipped with the necessary anesthetics that can help minimize the trauma sustained whenever a child gets injured. As for bones, emergency room care is needed, especially if there is a protruding bone.

High Fever

Fevers can be typically remedied at home. However, it becomes a problem if your child has a fever of over 104 degrees.

If your child has a very high fever, you should take them to the emergency room. High fever can lead to harmful consequences such as seizures and dehydration, which are best treated in a hospital.


If your child is experiencing health problems, you have the choice of bringing them to an urgent care clinic or a hospital’s emergency room. Depending on the severity of what your child is experiencing, you can get them to urgent care for minor cases and the emergency room for significant cases.

Since we’re in a pandemic, kids can’t go out for medical check-ups as often as adults can. For this reason, telemedicine appointments are made so that children can’t miss their medical appointments. Your Kids Urgent Care provides telemedicine in Orlando so that they won’t have to go out at all. Contact us today for your child’s consultation!

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