Ringing In The New Year

New Year

New year, new growth and new opportunities for healthy habits. Here’s a few to jump start your family’s year to come.


Take some time as a family to rest. Not only is sleep important for your kid’s physical and mental development but resting is necessary. Try modeling deep breathing, meditation or calming oneself. Not only will you get a chance to relax but your children can practice these which may lead to more focus, lessening anxiety and increased self awareness.


Feel out a new environment for change of pace and different perspective. Children are malleable and tend to allow for the imagination to run without nearly as many inhibitions. A new environment can foster increased abilities to adapt easily and act as a catalyst for ingenuity and creativity. As the world continues to evolve, children will be required to push boundaries and demonstrate ingenuity. Consider a visit to a new park, a different restaurant or engage in an activity that is out of your normal routine. Whatever you choose there’s something to gain.  

Ready Your Family

Last but not least, prepare. Preparing, goal setting and planning are building blocks for achievement. Try sitting down and working with your kids to identify their goals and come up with an action plan. Setting a goal to read a book, make the soccer team, learn a new skill or whatever it may be teaches children early on that achieving what they set out to do is more than possible and having a plan in place then working that plan can help them get what they want.  


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