Healthy, Happy, Holidays


Flu, unhealthy eating and limited activity are all often experienced during the holidays. Big portions of food and sharing are typical of this time of year, getting everyone into the holiday spirit, but can also lead to disruption in eating patterns and the spread of germs and sickness. Keeping your kids and family healthy during fhe holiday season is a big part of a healthy, happy, holiday. Try these convenient tips. 

Keep it moving 

Plan family activities to get everyone up and moving about. You can keep your kids in the swing of things and get the whole family involved.  

Eating the good stuff

Incorporate plenty of fruits and veggies. Holiday foods are often seen as comfort foods. Keep up your childrens’ healthy eating habits by preparing veggie dishes and offering then fruit throughout the day.

Is the tree on fire 

Take precaution with decor if you have little ones around. Be sure your decorations are free of harmful material such as lead and your tree is flame resistant.  In addition, check that lights are not missing any bulbs and cords properly insulated.

Keep your resources handy. Although your pediatrician may be closed we are open through the holidays and offer flu shots at the Orlando location. See our homepage as well for holiday hours on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, holiday season 




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