Allergy and Asthma Season

Allergy Pollen Joke

If you have walked outside your front door lately, you have seen the lovely yellow and green film on your windows, car, patio furniture. Please know this is a high Allergy Asthma season right now.

If your child has a know diagnosis of Allergies, Asthma, Reactive Airway Disease or other lung disorders that require the occasional use of Allergy medication or Albuterol, please check your supply to make sure you have enough to carry you through this season. Also check those nasal sprays and Allergy medications.

If you child starts coughing please start your Albuterol treatments every four hours and call your primary pediatrician. Starting treatments as soon as the coughing starts will help your child have a restful nights sleep and will save you a trip to an emergency room in the middle of the night.

If you can not control your child’s cough please visit use at Evening Pediatrics at one of our convenient locations!



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